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프랑스 이공계 학교들의 네트워크 "n+i" VIP 2021 Rendez-vous 초대장

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작성자 국제교류처 작성일 2021/09/15 조회수 331

Invitation to the "n+i" " VIP 2021  Rendez-vous"

After the success of the “VIP Rendez-vous 2019” the French Ministry of Europe and foreign affairs and the "n+i" consortium of HE engineering institutes, are happy to launch a 2021 “VIP Rendez-vous” Program in Paris, a program sponsored by the French Ministry of Europe and foreign affairs.  


You can apply to participate by filling in the attached “Application form”. 


As a part of the “n+i” policy to promote Higher Education (HE) system and institutions in engineering, the “VIP Rendez-vous” offers to our preferred partners, a unique and exceptional opportunity to participate to a full one-week Science and Technology discovery experience which will take place in Paris from Dec 5th to Dec 11th, 2021.

The objective of this exceptional event is to host a selection of future “ambassadors”. You will, for this purpose, have the opportunity through the proposed program, to discover and appreciate not only the French culture but also get an insight into the French know-how in Science and Technology and to the Higher Education system in these domains. This should help you in the guidance of students from your university in preparation for their “study abroad” project with “n+i” HE institutions.

The participation, which will include visits, accommodation for six days, local transfers, and meals, will exceptionally be at no cost for you. The airfare to and from Paris and airport/hotel transfers will be at your charge as well as other personal and additional expenses. The attached flyer provides you with general information concerning the event.

This invitation is ultimately offered and then confirmed for a limited number of people who have not only demonstrated their interest but also have confirmed their availability. The "n+i" organization committee will collect all applications and make select applicants who will then be required to provide confirmation of their participation. This will ensure that invitees who have confirmed their actual participation can meet all available offers.

We hope that your past, present or future experience of collaboration with the "n+i" consortium of institutes will encourage you to participate to this program in order to foster and develop student interest and we look forward to hearing from you very soon.


We ask you to kindly return the attached application form before September 30th, 2021, to the following mail address: with cc to


Network "n+i" is a France based consortium which links together 46 French higher education institutions in all areas of Science, Technology and engineering and which offer more than 160 training programs allowing access to Master degrees. Network "n+i" has developed over the last 20 years a unique web platform ( ) allowing students, through a unique application, to apply to a broad variety of “Study Abroad” programs.  The consortium "n+i" is also offering a set of “Path to success Packages” including welcome, language support and student coaching to accompany students as they realize their “study abroad” project in France.

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