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일본 간사이대학 온라인 프로그램 참가 안내

공지사항 게시물 : 상세, 작성자, 작성일, 조회수, 첨부파일 정보를 제공
작성자 국제교류처 작성일 2021/03/18 조회수 1132

본교 교류대학인 일본 간사이대학에서 아래와 같이 온라인 프로그램을 시행합니다.


프로그램 기간 : 2021. 5. 20. - 7. 21.

참가비 : 무료

프로그램 언어 : 영어 (별도 요구 영어점수는 없으나 토익 750점, 토플 65점, IELTS 5.0 이상 점수 있는 경우 지원 권장)

신청방법 : 첨부된 registration form 작성하여 로 송부

신청마감 : 2021. 4. 5.(월)


본 프로그램은 학점인정 대상은 아니며, 종료 후 수료증을 받은 후 본교 i-portfolio 에 점수로 등재할 수 있습니다.

(수료증 득한 후 아이포트폴리오 담당자 우희정 선생님 께 이메일로 절차 문의해 주시기 바랍니다)



Announcing KU-EOL Spring 2021 

Kansai University/IIGE is pleased to announce the second iteration of the Kansai University Engaged/Exchange Online Learning “KU-EOL” Program Spring 2021, for your students to take part from May 20 - July 21, 2021

The call for applications is now open, with a deadline of April 11, 2021.


Program Overview - What is KU-EOL?

Given the challenging time for study mobility, IIGE has responded rapidly by scaling up online-based international education:

The Kansai University Engaged/Exchange Online Learning "KU-EOL" Program was first offered in the Fall 2020 semester as an innovative IaH (Internationalization at Home) solution during the midst of the global coronavirus pandemic. 

In the interim of waiting to host incoming international students on exchange bases on campus, IIGE provided these prospective students with virtual classroom opportunities, establishing a multilateral exchange learning program together with our valued overseas partner universities.

While not necessarily a reflection of the future of higher education, the current state of hybrid virtual education should serve to inform the development of a more blended and flexible curriculum for 21st-century international education.  

*Please note: KU-EOL is NOT an exchange study abroad program. 




Program Details

◆ Program Cost

There are no application or participation fees for this program.*

*Please refer to the section on “Eligibility” for further details.


◆Program Dates 

May 20, 2021 - July 21, 2021


◆Registration Deadline

April 11, 2021, 11:59 PM (Japan Standard Time)


◆ Offered Courses

Unless otherwise indicated, the language of instruction is English.*


  • Information and Communication Technologies 

  • Business for SDGs  

  • Japanese Popular Culture (Post-war Japanese Culture) 

  • Field-Based Learning (Society and Workplace Culture in Japan) 

  • Global Sociology (Instructor: Don Bysouth, Ph.D.)

  • Methods of Comparative Analysis (ENG and JPN Communication)

  • Contemporary Gender Studies 

  • Critical Thinking for Social and Global Issues 

  • Research Methods for Social Sciences 

  • Japanese History (the History and culture of Medieval Japan) 

  • Communication in Japanese Society (JPN Corporate Culture) -- Japanese language only (JLPT N2 proficiency or above required)

  • Communication in Japanese Society ( Business Japanese ) -- Japanese language only (JLPT N2 proficiency or above required)

*For students whose native language is NOT English, the recommended English proficiency to successfully participate in this program is CEFR B2+. Students will not be required to submit proof of language proficiency certification, and should apply at their own discretion. Those unsure of whether their proficiency level is sufficient to apply should consult with their home institution and may be asked to submit a letter of recommendation from an instructor.


◆Course Registration

Students may apply to up to four courses in order of preference. However, they may only enroll in a maximum of 2 courses. Final registration will be determined by lottery.

*Seat limit: maximum 15 per course 


◆Language Requirements 
English: CEFR B2+ equivalency recommended 
Please submit a 100 word essay in English explaining why you want to take the course(s).
Japanese*: JLPT N2+ equivalency
*Only for those who wish to take “Communication in Japanese Society (JPN Corporate Culture)” or “Communication in Japanese Society ( Business Japanese )”
Please submit a 3-minute self-introduction video in Japanese describing why you want to take the course(s) as well as a 200 character essay about your interest in studying Japanese.
**Those who are registering for both English and Japanese courses should submit their essay in Japanese.



Each course will consist of approximately 10 lectures (at approximately 15 hours) and extracurricular assignments (at approximately 5+ hours) for a total of 20 hours.



Certificates of Participation will be issued to students’ home universities by the end of August 2021. Participants who attend at least 70% of the lectures in their enrolled course will receive a certificate of participation.

NOTE: KU-EOL is not a credit-bearing program; certificates of participation offer proof of completion only and are not a professional certification.


◆Course Requirements (Students’ Responsibility)

1 ) Internet access 

This program will be conducted 100% online, which requires students to have:

  • a stable internet connection able to handle video calls without interruption

  • a quality microphone/headset

  • and a functioning camera-equipped PC 

2 ) Students will be required to register an account with the ImmerseU CMS (Course Management System) through which various course activities etc. will be conducted. Further information will be provided to students upon enrollment.


Eligibility and How to Apply


Undergraduate or graduate students currently enrolled at Kansai University or IIGE-affiliated institutions who are in good academic standing (recommended minimum overall GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale) who have been approved by their home institutions are eligible to apply.*

◆Application Procedure

*Students must apply for this program through their home institutions. Individual applications will NOT be processed. 

STEP 1: Please download and complete the registration form attached to this email.

STEP 2: Send the completed registration form to the email address listed below.   

Registration deadline: April 11, 2021, 11:59 pm (Japan Standard Time)


◆Announcement of Program Selection Results 

Program selection results will be sent directly to students’ home institutions via email from by April 28, 2021 (JST).


For more information…

Please visit our KU-EOL website





Please email, attn IIGE Secretariat.
clearly indicating in the subject line that your inquiry relates to the
“KU-EOL Program Spring 2021”

공지사항 게시물 : 다음글 제목, 현재글 제목, 이전글 제목 정보를 제공, 제목을 누르면 게시물의 상세페이지로 이동
다음글 : [주한미국대사관 온라인 세미나] 미국 학생 비자, 그.. 국제교류처 2021/03/18
현재글 : 일본 간사이대학 온라인 프로그램 참가 안내 국제교류처 2021/03/18
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